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Son not responsible for father

The Israeli leadership stands before a dilemma: to deport or not to deport families of Palestinian terrorists. The essence of the story is so: at night on 18th to 19th of July, special sub-units of Israeli Defence Army arrested relatives of the terrorists who attacked Immanuel settlement and carried a series of explosions in Tel Aviv.

The leadership of the Army insists on deportation of the terrorist family members to Gaza Strip. Israeli Defence Minister Shimon Peres supported this idea, stating that all legal norms would be kept.

What about the legal norms – let us see, though the idea is inhuman and looks like a real genocide. While this genocide is caused by a nation which suffered so much in the WW II. Even Iosif Stalin considered now as a great tyrant stated that son is not responsible for his father.

So, what a “clever” head produced this inhuman plan whose positive effect is under question? Because after this, it will be not easy for Israelis to justify themselves, while words “genocide” and “Jews” will probably make up another combination. The suffering nation chosen by God makes suffer other nations.

And how the world community reacted to it? The United States resolutely criticized Israel for deporting the terrorist’s families to Gaza Strip. According to the White House, these measures will hardly bring any positive effect and will not increase security of Israeli citizens. The White House hopes for Israel’s activities being based on objective information about implication of either person in terror, but not on his family relations. Israel received box on the ear from his friend and ally. After this criticism against the Israeli leadership, a group of Palestinian human rights activists addressed to the Supreme Court of Israel, asking for blocking this decision. And this was only the beginning. Europe, Russia, the Arab world have not expressed their opinion. Really, in Israel itself there is no unanimity about this question. For example Elyakim Rubinstein, Attorney General of Israel shares the position of the White House. He also supposes that these measures hardly will make easy the work of Israeli Army and its Security Service.

Palestinian terrorist groups also expressed their position: July 19, Hamas terrorist group made an official statement of the Al-Axa martyrs. It reads: “If Israel exiles families of Palestinian militants, Hamas will realize a series of unprecedented terrorist acts all around Israeli territory. Our response to Zionist enemy will be bloody and powerful. We will send messengers with explosives to all regions of Israel.”

P.S. Representatives of the Palestinian leadership warned Israel about possible consequences, if Ariel Sharon admits to exile families of Palestinian “resistance movement.” Nabil Abu Rudeina, one of the supreme functionaries in the Yasser Arafat staff, signed that with these activities Israel will only create more troubles to itself. Moreover, according to Abu Rudein, these steps of Israel are unlawful and violate all existing agreements.

Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, secretary of the Palestinian cabinet, was even more harsh, stating that punishing relatives of resistance militants was an expression of racism witnessing total bankruptcy of Israeli political system and secret services.”

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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