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What's for sale in Russia? Auction Information: "TIZOL"—Public Corporation

Russian Fund of Federal Property

"TIZOL"—Public Corporation

Ural interregional branch of the Russian Fund of Federal Property informs of the upcoming auction of the company's shares.

I. General info

1. Auction basics – Terms and conditions regarding privatization of shares of the public corporation “TIZOL” has been approved by the Ministry of State Property of the Russian Federation (decree issued Nov 17 2003, №6385-р).

2. Share owner – The Russian Federation represented by a specialized government establishment under the government of the Russian Federation "Russian Fund of Federal Property".

3. Auction host (Seller) – Ural interregional branch of the Russian Fund of Federal Property.

4. Auction type (means of privatizations) – public auction; open to any number of participants; bidding terms are not disclosed 5. Registration for the auction starts on - July 15th, 2004 6. Registration ends on – August 17th, 2004 (12:00 pm local time)

7. Time and Place of the registration – weekdays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm local time; auction will be held at the following address: 620219, city of Ekaterinburg, Mamin-Sibiryak street, building 111, Room №228 Contact phone number: +7(343) 350-50-46

8. Date, time and place of the auction sizing up – Aug 20 2004, 11:00 am local time; at the following address: 620219, Ekaterinburg, Mamin-Sibiryak street, building 111, Room №228.

II. Information about shares to be put up for auction

1.Total number, State registration number, categories of shares to put up for auction – 2307 shares (State registration number 62-1n-716); 31% of authorized capital stock

2. Total face value of shares – 2307 rubles

3. Regulatory value of shares to be put up for auction – 27 843 258 rubles

4. Starting price – 29 000 000 rubles

5. Additional charges – none

III. Information of the share issuer

1. Name of the company in full and in abbreviated form, Zip code, auction address, State registration information.

2. Name of the company in full – public corporation “TIZOL”

3. Abbreviated form – "TIZOL"

4. Company's address: 624223, Sverdlovsky region, city of Nizhniya Tura, Malishev street, building 59.

5. State registration information: State registration license – № 236 series II- НИ (of May 20 1993); issued by head of administration “Nizhneturinsky district” of Sverdlovsk region

2. List of products (services) – production of heat-insulated materials, heat-insulated constructions and other building materials; capital development, building and assembly jobs

3. Assessed contribution of the public corporation, total quantity of issued shares, their face value:

Assessed value – 7443 rubles Total quantity of issued shares – 7443 shares The issue has been officially registered by Sverdlovsk department of finances on May 28, 1999. State registration number – 62-1n-716

Face value of each share – 1 ruble

4. Register holder – branch #1 JSC “Kostadialnoe agency”

Address: 103779, Moscow, Russia, Petrovka street, building 10. Contact phone# +7(095) 929-41-53.

5. Balance-sheet of the public corporation (latest report)

6. Liabilities of the public corporation- Public corporation “TIZOL” does not have any past due taxes/interests

7. Number of staff members of the public corporation (as of May 1 2004)- 658 people

8. Total ground area of the property – 326050 sq m (General tenancy).

9. Information regarding a part of the products (services) of the public corporation that is on the list of managing subjects, whose possessions equal to or exceed 35 % of a product on the market.

Not on the list

10. Information regarding any subsidiaries and/or any affiliates (their shares)

No subsidiaries/No affiliates

11. Additional data regarding issuer – for inquiries please visit 620219, Ekaterinburg city, Russia, Mamin-Sibiryak street, building 111, Room №228. Contact phone number: +7(343) 350-50-46

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