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Russia and Iraq in 60 bn. Deal

20.08.2002 | Source:



10-year contract to include oil, gas, transports and communications

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has announced that a 60bn. USD contract is to be signed in the coming weeks between Moscow and Baghdad. The aid deal will not violate UN sanctions on Iraq.

The deal was announced in Moscow by Iraqi Ambassador Abbas Khalaf, who claimed that the deal would be signed within the next couple of weeks. The contract will involve the modernisation of the Soviet-built infrastructure in Iraq, covering transports, telecommunications, communications, oil and gas exploration.

Ambassador Khalaf applauded “Russia’s great role in a settlement around Iraq and the traditional friendly nature of relations between the two countries”. Western sources have claimed that this deal is a warning that Moscow will take a firm stand against military action against Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath regime. Abbas Khalaf referred to the fact in his statement: “America’s aggressive statements against Iraq aroused a negative reaction in Russia”.



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