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Andrey Lubensky: Ukraine’s public organizations apologize for their president

The delegation of Ukraine’s Public Organizations Congress, which took place in Kiev, unanimously voted to address the world community. They apologized in front of the world for the statements from Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma pertaining to the crash of the Russian Tu-154 plane As it is well known, Kuchma stated everyone makes mistakes, and there could be more serious mistakes as well (in comparison with the Tu-154 incident). Therefore, one should not make a tragedy of it.

It was said in the address from the congress that the president and generals should not be perceived seriously, for they are all trying to deceive both the world community and the people of Ukraine, ForUm informed. The people of Ukraine grieve together with the countrymen and relatives of those who died in the crash.

As the secretary of Ukraine’s Council for National Security and Defense, Yevgeny Marchuk, admitted in his statement to the regional mass media, “international problems for Ukraine regarding the crash-related reactions from its top officials have presented problems.” The secretary added that the president’s decree to dismiss the Ukrainian Minister of Defense will be carried out in the nearest future.

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