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Federal search declared for Notorious Russian Oligarch

Russian law-enforcement bodies have «attacked» the notorious Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. He was charged with three articles of the Russian Criminal Code, and a federal search for Berezovsky has been declared. It seems that the oligarch will not survive, as he has been cut off from Russia. Currently, Berezovsky's location is not known. He is hiding somewhere abroad; however, he always journalists available to him.

Berezovsky’s lawyer Semen Aria spoke about the charges against the oligarch. Berezovsky was charged in the famous “Aeroflot case” and the case of the Swedish firm Fokus, which is also connected with Aeroflot.

The federal search means Boris Berezovsky will be actively looked for on the territory of the Russian Federation, and if he is found, he will be arrested. It will not be easy to find Berezovsky in Russia, since he has been hiding abroad for more than a year already. He used to be in London, and he it is reported that he is currently living in France.

The statement from the Office of the Prosecutor General was just wonderful – it said that they do notknow where Berezovsky is. Right about the time that this statement was made, Berezovsky was giving an interview to Echo Moskvy radio station over the phone: “The things that are currently taking place are totally logical from the point of view of what the power does. There is nothing new in this respect. After I read the resolution, I found in it nothing that looked like a charge, since the text was full of such words as “rendered help,” “assisted,” and this is what they call a charge! This is ridiculous! I am now trying to preserve the only independent TV channel in Russia, and I am doing my best to help the TV-6 channel develop successfully. There is a very strange coincidence: the pressure on the TV channel and on me,” – claimed Berezovsky.

Boris Berezovsky should not say that he was pressed. The current step of the Office of the Prosecutor General is nothing more than a nice statement. It is full of absurdity upon first sight. On the other hand, one should not forget that as soon as Berezovsky steps onto Russian territory (he is not going to do it in the nearest future by the way), he will be arrested. This seems very logical, but not in respect to the pressure on TV-6 channel and freedom of speech in Russia. About 6 months ago, Berezovsky announced his plans to set up a party in the opposition to the functioning Russian power. As PRAVDA.Ru has already reported, Berezovsky started developing and realizing this idea of his in the Russian regions. Thus, Berezovsky could appear on the political arena again, as the head of the opposition party. Now, oligarch Berezovsky must understand one thing: the only thing you will have in Russia is bars on your window.

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