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Russian-American group discusses in Vladivostok air communication issues

The Russian-American Coordinating Group for Air Traffic Control - RACGAT-13 - has met in Vladivostok (the administrative center of the Maritime Territory in the extreme southeast part of Russia).

Representatives of the aircraft industries of Russia, the USA, Canada, Mongolia and a number of other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region are discussing the questions of the rational use of the air space, the use of new technologies in controlling air traffic, perfection of the meteorological ensuring of flights, the problems of warning plane crews about ejections of volcanic ash and other questions.

From the Russian side the conference is attended by representatives of the State Service of Civil Aviation, the State Corporation for Serving Air Traffic, of the air enterprises of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

The RACGAT-13 conference has met every year since 1991. The first meeting took place in Moscow, the second one in Anchorage (USA, Alaska). Then, the conferences were held by turns in Russia and the United States.

Vladivostok welcomes the conference for the second time. For the first time it took place there in 1995. This time the conference will last till October 24.

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