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Opinion Poll: Italian men love to seduce…successfully

An opinion poll in Italy has revealed that 60% of Italian men consider that the best way to spend money is on a successful seduction campaign…aimed at women.

Answering the questions, “What gives you more pleasure in life?” and “What is worth spending a lot of money on?” the 60% declared that “seducing women with success” was the ultimate aim.

The Italian men questioned preferred the purchase of jewels, expensive yachts and cars and luxurious meals as the principal tools used in the campaign.

The poll also revealed a surprising fact: the act of taking a woman to bed was more satisfying than having sexual relations. Probably, after having drunk the best Chianti wines, the credit card finds its way more easily to the fingers and when it dawns on the owner exactly what he has done, the resort to Grappa is understandable. Therefore the woman, taken to bed, finds her Romeo snoring or indisposed.

There is another side to these opinion polls. 40% of Italian males questioned declared that they had sexual relations with their wives against their will and the same 40% said that they feared the ever-increasing demands of their wives.


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