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Iraq: Arabs against aggression

The Arab nations are pulling together to form a united position in favour of dialogue with Iraq, not aggression. The United States is isolating itself by the day.

Speaking on the Syrian National radio Station, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad declared that armed aggression by the United States against Iraq would cause an unprecedented wave of violence in the Middle East. He added that the government in Damascus is against any such aggression against Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Interior Minister, prince Nayef bin Abd al Azin said that his government feared an American attack on Iraq, and Ali Abdullah Salen, the President of Yemen, confirmed that Washington would lose the support of Arab nations if it decided to launch a military operation against Saddam Hussein.

The Secretary General of the Arab League, Amor Musa, also stated that his organisation is against armed intervention by Washington on Iraqi territory. Musa added that this position is unanimous and definitive among all the member states of the Arab League.


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