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Putin: Son of God?

PRAVDA.Ru has reported on the merchandising devoted to Russian President Vladimir Putin: paintings, busts, Easter eggs, ect. The presidential administration has repeatedly stressed that Vladimir Putin has a negative attitude of all the vestiges of his personality cult. However, Putin’s personal attitude does not prevent new “works of art” from appearing. This is the way the people of Russia express their love of the head of state.

There are many people willing to spend their money on a Putin bust for their offices. A new Putin collectible is available now: Putin carpets. The largest of them is two meters wide and one meter long. This large carpet is available in one of the stores of the city of Perm. It was reported that someone from a private enterprise in Ekaterinburg has already bought the carpet for $200. Two other Putin carpets of smaller sizes were bought by Perm residents. The administration of the store said that the Putin carpets were manufactured using Putin's photograph on a special machine in Tajikistan. It was added that it was a very time-consuming process, which is the reason why there will be no new carpets available in the store until the end of the current year.

Everyone knows that it is the art of oriental women to weave carpets. However, it would be very hard to suppose that conservative Tajik businessmen would have such a dynamic reaction to a particularly Russian tendency.

Elena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov