Source Pravda.Ru

Presentation of International Northern Sea Corridor Project Took Place In Arkhangelsk Yesterday

The presentation of the international Northern Sea Corridor project took place in Arkhangelsk yesterday. The Russian side at the meeting consisted of experts from the Department of Transport and Communications and representatives of marine transport companies. The Norwegian delegation included Harald Bollvag, the head of the Executive Committee of Northern Norway, Eirik Fiva, his deputy, and Rune Rafaelsen, the head of the Barents Secretariat.

The participants of the project currently have to discuss a strategy for the project's development and find experts on its main aspects. These include the development of a port and a connecting transport system. Both sides expressed the view that the Northern Sea Corridor project would work well under mutually beneficial conditions, since Arkhangelsk and the Norwegian town of Kirkenes already have a positive experience of cooperation in the Pomor Line project.

The press service of the Arkhangelsk regional administration announced that EURO 5 million will be spent on the project. Two specially created committees and seven ministries are currently working on the project in Norway. On the Russian side, the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk Regions are taking part. Practical work on the project will begin this autumn.