Source Pravda.Ru

Media misinterprets Stepashin's words about Yukos

It is believed in Russia's Audit Chamber that a number of the media have misinterpreted the words said by Sergei Stepashin, chief of the Audit Chamber, about the situation around Yukos oil company.

The statement he made last Tuesday during a working tour of Veliky Novgorod "is cited either not completely or with punctuation marks changing its meaning," says a report of the Audit Chamber information and public relations department, which has been received by RIA Novosti.

"In both cases there is a wrong interpretation of the words said by the chief of the Audit Chamber, and even an opposite sense is put into them," the report says.

The information and public relations department cites the original text of Stepashin's statement: "We have documents confirming that the work of this company is transparent. But, unfortunately, the privatization of a considerable part of big projects of that company was carried out on a dangerous border line or even beyond it - and the Prosecutor General's Office, instigated by some deputies of the State Duma, caught at this."

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