Source Pravda.Ru

Russia for wasted nuclear fuel agreement with Iran

The Russian Nuclear Ministry will welcome the Russo-Iranian agreement on the return of wasted nuclear fuel to Russia.

This position of the Russian nuclear ministry remains the same, RIA Novosti was informed in the ministry.

On Tuesday, chief Iranian delegate in the IAEA Ali Akbar Salehi announced Tehran's intention of signing an agreement with Moscow on the return of wasted nuclear fuel.

The source, however, refused to comment on this statement and the possible deadline for signing the agreement, referring to the lacking draft of the relevant document.

At the same time, the Nuclear Ministry recalled the need to sign an additional protocol to the agreement on guarantees between Tehran and the IAEA on the admission of IAEA inspectors to Iran.

In an interview with Qatar's satellite channel Al-Jazeera on September 17th, Russian President Vladimir Putin remunded that in an effort to mollify all concerns, Russia had suggested that Tehran sign a document stipulating the return of wasted nuclear fuel from Iranian nuclear plants to Russia.

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