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Sensation: The USA will not bomb Iraq

It is not about the wish, it is about the opposition from NATO. American President George Bush said in his speech in front of the American military men in Fort Campbell that the world anti-terrorist operation will not be limited to the army action against Afghanistan. The new target for the American military was announced in that speech too – Iraq. A supposed target.

As it is turning out currently, there are plans to bomb Iraq, indeed, they were discussed at the session of the NATO council. The sensational information was revealed today: NATO vetoed America’s plans regarding the new military action against Iraq. Apparently, the opinion of the European countries played the key role in this news - the countries, which are included in the North Atlantic Alliance.

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer had this to say after the meeting with the top American officials: “Everyone knows in Washington that Europe will have very, very serious questions pertaining to the actions on Iraq’s territory, putting it diplomatically.” Fischer did not expose any details of that meeting with the senior officials, but this fact is a sensation anyway – NATO does not approve the USA’s plans.

For the time being it is not yet clear, why NATO made up its mind to leave Iraq alone. But earlier, these two military operations and permanent bombing of the military objects on the territory of the country were approved by the Alliance.

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