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Homosexual tourism in Berlin fair

Homosexual men and lesbian women have their own travel agency, represented at the International Tourism Fair in Berlin.

The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) aims to provide holidays for their clients where they will feel more comfortable. The favourite destinations for these holidays are the Canary Islands, California and Greece.

IGLTA spokesperson Tom Bomkes claims that “we feel much better in places where we can be at ease. And where there are no doubts about the way certain people look at us. Only like this can we satisfy our forms of seduction”.

The IGLTA stand has information about where clients can go to see gay and lesbian parades and carnivals. It should be pointed out that this organisation organises destinations for its clients to spend a holiday, not programmes of sexual activity.

The proper regulation of this phenomenon is welcomed, since so many illegal tour operators run programmes in which sexual tourism is exploited. In these schemes, sexual tourists buy a package which can include paedophile relations in the location of destination.

Endemic poverty creates greed and immorality, which is the reason behind poor families renting their children out by the day to sexual perverts from abroad. This practice is common in the Far East, with Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia being the favourite destinations, also in Brazil, where Italian operators run these schemes in the poorer North-East of the country.

An increased activity by the police forces in the countries of destination would be an important measure to eradicate this practice.


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