Source Pravda.Ru

Russia's Largest Wind Power Station Completed in Kaliningrad Region

The press service of the Yantarenergo energy company announced today that the largest wind power station in Russia, with a total power output of 5.1 megawatts, has been completed in the village of Kulikovo in the Kaliningrad Region.

This joint Russian-Danish project in the sphere of wind power was begun four years ago after the signing of an intergovernmental agreement between the Russian Ministry of Energy and the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Energy. As a non-returnable grant from the Danish Government, the company SEAS Energi Service gave the Kaliningrad firm Yantarenergo equipment for 21 wind turbines, which were erected near the village of Kulikovo on the Baltic coast. 5.5 million kwt/h of electricity has already been generated since the first one was erected. The official opening of the wind farm, which will be attended by representatives of the cooperating ministries of Russia and Denmark, is set for July 26.

In the future, there are plans for the region to build its first commercial off-shore wind power station, which will have a power output of 50 megawatts. It will consist of 25 wind turbines, which will be erected 500 meters from the shore on the Baltic shelf near the village of Primorsk. The new project will be carried out by a joint Russian-Danish company.