Source Pravda.Ru

Bush attacks Israel

US President George Bush has condemned the Israeli attack on Monday night on Gaza, which left 15 people dead, including 10 children and 140 injured, as being an “act of violence which does not contribute towards peace”.

The statement was issued by the White House on Tuesday afternoon as the Israeli action, which killed Sheikh Salah Shehada, a leading Palestinian terrorist, was analysed. White House spokesperson Ari Fleischer stated that “The President has said in the past that Israel should bear in mind the consequences of its acts and this violent action does not contribute towards peace”.

The statement goes on to condemn the loss of “innocent lives” although the White House spokesperson refused to compare the Israeli attacks with those perpetrated by the USA in Afghanistan which have so far killed over 500 civilians in collateral damage cases.

Condemning the Israeli attack, Ari Fleischer declared that “This was a deliberate act against a target, with knowledge that innocent lives would be lost as a consequence of the attack”.

However, George Bush’s continued support for the State of Israel remained unquestionable.