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Federation Council official comments on migration to Far East

23.08.2002 | Source:



Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for the Peoples of the Northand Ethnic Minorities Alexander Nazarov believes that people need social,economic and investment guarantees for migrating to the Far East. He voicedhis opinion in an interview with RBC. Nazarov agreed with the point of viewof Russian President Vladimir Putin that it was necessary to intensify themigration of Russian citizens to the Far East.The committee head pointed out that in the near future, the major obstaclefor the development of Russia would be labor resources scarcity and theproblem of attraction of immigrants. In his opinion, Russia's need in laborforce is 16-18 million people. Nazarov believes that "current migrationflows testify to a low level of state regulation of migration, which isinadequate to the needs of regions". In connection with this, theFederation Council official considers it reasonable to introduce changes tothe bill on migration, which is currently being developed, and to amend thelaws on borders and on citizenship..


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