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Tomsk Mail Workers Wear Masks And Gloves

Mail workers of the Western Siberian city of Tomsk have been working in masks and gloves since Tuesday, Farit Astakhov, the Chief of the Regional Department of the Russian Federal Post, was quoted as saying. In addition, all burial sites with anthrax-contaminated cattle corpses, are being monitored now, spokesmen for Gossanepidemnadzor (the Russian State Epidemics Prevention Centre) and Regional Veterinary Department reported at a press conference. Anthrax outbreak was last registered here in 1977, the latest anthrax epidemics among the animals occurred in 1981. Tomsk law-enforcement bodies recently received several phone calls reporting the location of white powder. Analysis carried out by experts who had arrived at the scene, proved that the powder was of no danger to human life or health.

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