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Tolokonnikova transferred to different colony in Siberia

23.10.2013 | Source:


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It transpired that Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a convicted member of the infamous punk band Pussy Riot, was to be transferred to a penal colony No. 2 in the town of Alatyr, Chuvashia Republic, her husband Pyotr Verzilov said.

The decision to transfer Tolokonnikova to a different colony is explained with her own request to guarantee safety to her.

On September 23, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova went on a hunger strike to protest against "slave-like " conditions in the colony. She also sent a statement to the Investigation Committee after she had received a verbal death threat from the administration of the colony. Her open letter was published the same day.

Tolokonnikova's health condition worsened because of the hunger strike. On September 27, she was admitted to a prison hospital.

On October 18, the activist resumed her hunger strike, demanding to be transferred from Correctional Colony 14, where she was serving her sentence.

Media reports say that experts of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, who visited the colony, confirmed Tolokonnikova's information about the living conditions for inmates of Correctional Colony 14. 



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