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Kim Jong Il invited Russian president's envoy to visit North Korea twice

There can be funny occasions in big politics as well. The leader of North Korea invited Konstantin Pulikovsky – the presidential envoy in the Far East administrative district of Russia to visit North Korea. He sent two invitations at once – just to be certain.

Pulikovsky and Kim Jong Il have recently travelled together in the train, so now Pulikovsky received the invitation to visit North Korea: in the coming months, at any time.

Pulikovsky’s office has recently received another invitation from Kim Jong Il again. This time Pulikovsky was invited to come to North Korea in April of the next year to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army. Ok, so now it is up to Pulikovsky to decide – whether he was invited to North Korea twice (in the nearest months or in April), or maybe the foreign ministry of the country corrected the original invitation for the visit. The situation is rather complicated. But it would be worst, if Pulikovsky receives the third invitation.

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