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Almost half of Bolivia has been declared a natural disaster area in a bill passed by the lower house of the Bolivian Congress. Once the government signs the bill, it will free up funds for at least 60,000 people affected by heavy rains, many of whom left homeless. Bolivia's Civil Defense agency reported two dead from flooding and that more than 13,500 families have been affected by over two weeks of heavy rain. More are suspected to be in difficulties in remote regions bordering rivers which have burst their banks. The floods are worst in the departments of La Paz, Beni, and Oruro, BBC announces. The department of Cochabamba is included in the emergency declaration, not only because it has been affected by floods, but also because some parts have suffered from a heavy drought. In Oruro, rivers have overflowed and flooded four towns, destroying dozens of government built housing for former mine workers.

The new anti-aircraft missile systems of the S-500 will have a number of advantages. The S-500 is believed to be a universal anti-aircraft long-range and high-altitude missile interception system with an enhanced missile defense capability

Russia's S-500 Prometey to nail USA's THAAD to the wall

All amateur photos and video materials depicting the moment of Kennedy's assassination had been confiscated and immediately classified. The main amateur video, which was made as the motorcade was traveling on the street, was edited in a way to exclude the version about the existence of another shooter

Donald Trump to become America's another John Kennedy

An unidentified man broke into the office of Echo of Moscow (Ekho Moskvy) radio station on October 23 and stabbed radio host Tatyana Felgenhauer. The incident occurred in the afternoon, the victim was hospitalised, her life is out of danger

Echo of Moscow radio journalist stabbed in her throat in Moscow office