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Operative Headquarters Name Several Hostages

The operative headquarters set for the hostages release in the theatre in Moscow, has published the names of people kept in the building. These are the names which have been identified by this moment.

These are citizens of foreign countries:

Sergey Plemyannikov, Turkmenistan Julia Yeroshenko, Turkmenistan Vladimir Kovalenko, Kazakhstan Anton Zelenin, Kazakhstan Sergey Tourkan, Moldavia Sandy Booker, the USA Svetlana Gubareva, Kazakhstan Alexander Letyago, Kazakhstan Natalya Aleshnya, the USA Irina Skhearel, the USA Richard Low, Great Britain (father and mother) Natalya Yachnik, Kyrgyzstan Power Aujuna, Germany Thomas Heinz, Germany Svetlana Tegmayer, Germany Marina Shkolnikova, Germany

Here are the manes of Russian hostages:

Ye.Prisyazhnova A.Shifrina T.Neverova B.Neverov O.Ilyin O.Zhabotinsky N.Yuftyayeva Ye.Vinogradova L.Kouseva L.Fedyantseva V.Manuilova T.Svetlova V.Zaitseva

The operative HQ report that more information about the hostages is coming


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