Source Pravda.Ru

Ex-head of Russian Military Counter-Intelligence: Berezovsky is Behind the Terrorist Act in Moscow

Vice-Admiral, and ex-head of KGB-FSB Third Department “Military Intelligence,” Alexandr Zharetsky told PRAVDA.Ru correspondent Ilya Tarasov that the terrorist act in Moscow should be considered a well thought-out and planned in advance action, whose aims are at the least to demand a stop to the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya being carried out by federal forces, as well as a warning by disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky to the Kremlin that he has enough power to influence Russian internal policy.

The reasons for the terrorist act should be searched for not in Chechnya, but, however paradoxical it may sound, in Moscow, Alexandr Zhardetsky supposes. Such important industries like building, oil, and, partly, gas are controlled by Chechen criminal groups. Its leaders could take on terrorists as new workers who have been well trained in Georgia and some Arab countries.

According to Alexandr Zhardetsky, already before the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya was started, the Moscow Federal Security Service Office should have kept an eye on people of Caucasian origin who arrived in Moscow, and they should have regulated their activities.

It is stupid, Zhardetsky supposes, only to mop up the city of Grozny, without having prepared in Moscow before the counter-terrorist operation. Zhardetsky stated that in case of a terrorist act in Moscow, it will be difficult to carry out a rescue operation, because the terrorists seem to be suicidal people who lost their relatives in the counter-terrorist operation. According to their faith, they can revenge themselves for their relatives’ death only with death.


Translated by Vera Solovieva