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Sergey Borisov: 91-year-old Dutchman denies euro

The transition of the EU countries to a single currency is coming along rather smoothly. However, sometimes very curious problems occur. Recently, a 91-year-old Dutchman refused to take his change in euros. The pensioner paid for his purchase in a local shop in Groningen in the Dutch guilders. The old national currencies are still received in Europe, but change is given in euros. The old man was very astonished when he closely examined the change at home: he had never seen the money before. The old man came back to the shop to demand for an exchange for "real" money. The Groningen Kurant newspaper reports that all explanations of a saleswoman about the instruction to give change in euros were in vain, as the old man insisted that the saleswoman wanted to deceive him. The conflict lasted for two hours, and finally the police was called for. The pensioner treated the explanations of the police suspiciously. He insisted that the store wanted to cheat him out of his money. The police had to use force to get the old man out of the shop and told his daughter and the son to explain to him that the new currency had been introduced instead of the old money. The explanations are believed to be a success.

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