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Bus filled with voters shot at in Ukraine

A bus with voters who were heading from the town of Energodar to the town of Zaporozhye (Ukraine) to have a meeting with the leader of the Ukrainian opposition, Yulia Timoshenko was shot at. The press-service of Timoshenko's election block informed that the criminal who shot the bus with automatic fire was been detained with the help of the activists and then taken to a police department. It has not been reported if there were any victims. The election headquarters of the political organization is sure that the incident did not happen incidentally: it was another attempt of exerting influence on the people’s will. The press-service said that the incident was a logic continuation of a campaign, the goal of which is to intimidate the opposition democratic force of Ukraine. In this connection, the leaders of Yulia Timoshenko’s political organization draw the attention of society and the law-enforcement bodies to the series of the crimes against the representatives of the block.

In the meantime, the state tax administration of Ukraine accused Yulia Timoshenko of supporting the production of materials designed for agitation at the expense of money that was laundered via fake firms. Timoshenko’s block earlier accused the tax administration of blocking the work of the publishing house “Taki Spravki,” which was printing the materials of the block.

It is also known that the Central Electoral Committee received a complaint on the alleged violation of the election law by Timoshenko’s block. The complaint also contained a request to withdraw the block from the elections. It is not ruled out that the request will be satisfied.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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