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Seven militant camps eliminated in Ingushetia

25.04.2002 | Source:



A mobile interior ministry detachment, the Federal Security Service Department and defence ministry troops have jointly eliminated seven militant camps in the Sunzha district of Ingushetia, reported the Russian interior ministry on Thursday. The camps were situated in the mountains between the villages of Chemulga and Arshty and found during a raid across Ingushetia. Law enforcers reported the discovery of 40 dug-outs containing food, medicine, ammunition and radio sets that militants used to keep in touch with each other. The dug-outs were destroyed with the help of army helicopters, artillery and mortars. Elimination of the camps was followed by an armed clash with a gang of Arab mercenaries, during which three militants were killed and two servicemen of the federal special task force slightly wounded, said the interior ministry.


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