Source Pravda.Ru

For computer world, much of Russia is undiscovered country

Some seven in ten Russians have never used a computer, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion reports. And, according to the manager of marketing programs for Intel in Russia, Nikolai Pautov, only 13% of Russian families have home computers.

This city is currently hosting an international festival, 'The New Reality of the 21st Century,' that includes a competition in website design. Participants have come from more than 50 cities in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Contest projects have been submitted by governmental, scientific, educational and cultural organizations as well as by small and medium-size businesses and by individuals.

In response to the unlawful December 1 arrest and detention of Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver at the behest of the Trump regime, facing possible unacceptable extradition to the US, Beijing warned its high-tech personnel last month against traveling to America unless it's essential.

China Warns Against Travel to US and Canada