Source Pravda.Ru

Sinduratna Sub of India's Navy Left Severodvinsk Wharf for Sea Trials

Today, India's Sinduratna submarine left Zvyozdochka [Little Star] military wharf where it had been repaired since the year 2000. The sub will now go for sea trials to test all systems, including weapons. According to Igor Orlov, a deputy General Director of the wharf, the modernisation included the installation of a modern Club-S surface to surface rocket system, which can also be used against submarines within a radius of 200 km, new hydro-acoustic equipment, a combat control system, and navigational equipment.

The Sinduratna will go back home in August, her place in the dock taken by another India's sub, the Sindugosh. The Sinduratna is the second Submarine of India's navy that has been repaired at the Zvyozdochka wharf. The first one, the Sinduvir was repaired and returned home in 1999.

The Sinduratna is a 877 EKM submarine of the Kilo class. When surfaced, she displaces 2,300 tonnes and is capable of a speed of 10 knots. Fully autonomous for 45 days, it can dive to 300 metres, carries a crew of 52 and is equipped with 6 533 mm torpedo tubes. The sub was developerd at the Rubin design bureau, St. Petersburg.