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Russian-Korean Friendship express arrives in Yekaterinburg

The Russian-Korean Friendship express-2002 arrives in Yekaterinburg, the Urals, on Thursday.

The South-Korean visit to the Sverdlovsk region is organized within the framework of the All-Russian arrangement initiated by the South Korean government and approved of by the Russian government, as RIA Novosti learned in the press service of the region's external economic relations ministry.

Yekaterinburg will receive a delegation of 250 people, including politicians, businessmen, scientists, cultural workers, journalists and students.

The goal of the visit is to learn the economic potential and development perspectives in the Sverdlovsk region, to hold a number of joint political, economic and cultural arrangements.

During the visit the delegation will meet representatives of the region's administration, organize a cooperation exchange with representative of the local enterprises, a seminar with teachers and students of the Ural state university, and a concert of Korean music.

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