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UFO Politics 102: An Update

25.09.2002 | Source:



Three months ago, on June 19, PRAVDA.Ru published an interview with one of the most interesting politicians in America. His name is Stephen Bassett, and he is running for the position of congressman for the eighth district of Maryland. Mr. Bassett is best known as an UFO activist. He believes that the United States government is keeping secrets regarding the existence of UFOs and ET from the American public. Stephen Bassett's campaign is called Disclosure 2003. Bassett is of the opinion that that the US government will eventually come clean about what it knows, as so many Americans no longer believe what the US government says on the issue. Because our first interview with Stephen Bassett was so popular, we decided to follow up and find out how his campaign is coming along.

Mr. Bassett. As you know, the last interview did generate a great deal of interest among our readers. Because of this, we decided that it would be interesting to follow up and see how your campaign is coming along. In your opinion, is your message getting through to the people you are trying to reach?

First an update on what happened since our last interview on June 19.

On August 5, two volunteers accompanied me to Annapolis Maryland, where we delivered to the Maryland State Board of Elections 5,177 signatures in service of the legal requirement that 1% of the registered voters of a congressional district must sign in nomination of an independent candidate for the House of Representatives. 3,373 signatures had to be certified as valid by the Board. 3,372 would not be enough. On August 16, the State Board of Elections gave notice that on the first count 3,567 signatures were validated – another count would not be necessary.

None of this would have been possible unless two-dozen volunteers had not collected signatures for three months throughout the 8th District of Maryland during one of the hottest Washington Metro area summers in history. The heat index was consistently over 100.

As a consequence of their dedication, for the first time in American political history, a candidate will be on the November ballot of a federal election who will speak directly to the FACT of an extraterrestrial presence and the government imposed embargo on the truth of that FACT.

The Disclosure2003 campaign is trying to reach all Americans who want their government to get back in the truth business. They are the target audience, and polls have consistently shown that approximately 50% of the public now believe the phenomena being seen worldwide represent an extraterrestrial presence and 80% are convinced the government is lying to the public about the issue. Therefore, in a sense, the core message of the campaign is already out there. What is new is these issues are now being brought forward in the context of a congressional election.

The campaign has received considerable national and international attention (see “Media Coverage” at the D2003 website(, and pressure is mounting on the local media to get off their butt and cover this extraordinary story.

In fact your readers can have some impact here. On the top page of the D2003 website, there are links to the top political television interview venues and the local print media. People from all around the world are contacting these programs and newspapers and requesting I be a guest on these programs and the print media cover this campaign. I know this because they copy me with their emails and letters. It makes a difference.

It seems that there is quite a bit of interest regarding UFOs throughout the world. For instance, many PRAVDA.Ru articles dealing covering UFOs and/or aliens are often very popular. Do you feel that interest in this subject is growing, or has it always been at such a high level?

Interest in UFO/ET phenomena and the “Politics of Disclosure” has never been higher. This is due to many factors. These include:

- The airing and re-airing of an expanding library of documentaries at the Learning, History, Discovery, Fox and A&E cable channels.

- The work of a growing cadre of excellent documentary producers and directors such as Tim Coleman, James Fox, Kevin Barry, William Gazecki, Christopher Toussaint and many others.

- Important new books which are providing summary understanding of the key issues such as Missing Times by Terry Hansen, UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan, and The UFO/FBI Connection by Dr. Bruce Maccabee.

- The groundbreaking work of the Disclosure Project to present the testimony of dozens of government and agency employees collectively confirming an extraterrestrial presence.

- The never ending output from Hollywood of relevant entertainment such as Contact, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, 2001: Space Odyssey, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Communion, and of particular note, Steven Spielberg’s upcoming, massive, 20-hour mini-series, Taken, which begins in December of this year.

- The extraordinary power of website based research to reach around the world with new information. A key current example would be Grant Cameron’s work at the Presidents UFO Web Site.

- And most importantly, the relentless pursuit of the truth by activists such as Larry Bryant, Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Hoagland, Michael Bara, Peter Gersten, Norio Hayakawa, Frances Knize, Elaine Douglas, Remy Chevalier, John Greenewald, Jr., and many, many others.

I read with great interest an article about you and your campaign on the ENN (Environmental News Network) web site. It seems that this organization feels that your campaign could have an impact regarding environmental issues. This organization believes that your campaign could cause the release of secrets regarding "zero point energy,” which, in their opinion, could be an alternative to fossil fuels. Do you share this opinion? Do you also think of yourself as an environmentalist?


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