Source Pravda.Ru

Militants killed in Russia's Dagestan province

Security forces killed three suspected militants Tuesday who were holed up in an apartment building in Russia's southern province of Dagestan, according to officials.

Law enforcement agents, acting on a tip, blocked the five-story building in Dagestan's provincial capital Makhachkala late Monday. The militants fired at police, wounding two officers.

Security forces, backed by armored vehicles, then stormed the building in a 10-hour operation that ended early Tuesday. They found the bodies of three suspected militants, Musayev said.

One of those killed was identified as Gadzhimagomed Ismailov, whom authorities called one of the leaders of gunmen who have repeatedly attacked law enforcement officials in Dagestan, a Caspian Sea province that borders Chechnya to the east.

In the meantime police and government officials in Dagestan have been targeted in a series of bombings and shootings. According to officials more than 40 law enforcement officers have been killed in attacks in Dagestan this year alone, the AP reports.


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