Source Pravda.Ru

Ecological system of Caspian Sea will be closely monitored

The Russian hydrometeorological service's (Rosgidromet) comprehensive expedition to the Caspian Sea region has resulted in obtaining unique data that facilitate the assessment of the Caspian ecological system, the Rosgidromet's press services reported.

The hydrological works in the unique reservoir of the Terek and Sulak rivers by means of space monitoring will allow working out recommendations to develop drainage network in the region. It is particularly important to timely forecast disastrous floods like the one that we witnessed in the North Caucasus this summer, the press service noted.

Close monitoring of the marine environment of the Caspian Sea, detection of the risk zones resulting from oil spills will ensure all kinds of activity in the region, Rosgidromet stressed.

The comprehensive expedition was carried out under the order of the Russian government within the framework of the Russian-Kazakh programme "On Measures to Implement the Strategic Interests of Russia in the Caspian Sea Region."