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"Investment week in two capitals" to be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg

A conference-exhibition "Financial Market Mechanisms for Developing Enterprises: Experience and Problems" will be opened in St. Petersburg, the second, more often called "northern", unofficial Russian capital, on Tuesday. The forum will give start to arrangements within the "Investment Week in Two Capitals." During the plenary session, reports will be made on the investment prospects of the Russian banking system, market mechanisms to protect a company's budget from price and currency risks and on other issues.

Two round-table discussions will be held within the framework of the session: "Financial Market Instruments for Developing Enterprises" and "Mortgage Crediting Market Development".

The "Investment Week in Two Capitals" will be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow in November 25 through 28. The aim of the action is to provide information about the investment potentials of the regions and separate enterprises to the investment community in a centralized way, and create conditions for the Russian financial institutions for informing the targeted audiences from among the corporate and individual clients of the services they render.

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