Source Pravda.Ru

One explosion and two shellings of road blocks registered in Chechnya over the last 24 hours

Over the last 24 hours one explosion and two shellings of the federal forces' road blocks were registered in Chechnya. RIA Novosti was told at the Russian Interior Ministry that nobody suffered.

The explosion of an unidentified explosive device took place in the Gudermes district on the railroad span between Kadi-Yurt and Khasavyurt stations. The shell blew up under the first train car.

The road blocks of the federal forces were shelled from the automatic arms and grenade launchers in the Leninsky district of Grozny.

According to data provided by the interior ministry, on Friday, militiamen and the military confiscated in various populated localities of the republic three grenade launchers, 38 grenades and rounds to a grenade launcher, 10 shells and mines, 1 kg of explosive substances, and more than 1,500 cartridges of various calibres. Fifty-seven illegal mini oil refineries were also destroyed.

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