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Talks of Colin Powell with Igor Ivanov to be held in Moscow

Talks of US Secretary of State Colin Powell with Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov will be held in Moscow.

As a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti, Colin Powell's visit will allow the sides to discuss quite a number of questions accumulated in bilateral relations.

It is expected that key regional problems, including the situation in Iraq and rehabilitation of that country's economy, Middle East settlement, antiterrorist cooperation, and the situation in the world's key regions, will be touched upon at Powell's talks in Moscow.

According to the source, the situation in post-Soviet space will also be touched upon at the meeting between Ivanov and Powell.

"There cannot be any bargaining between Russia and the USA in post-Soviet space", the source emphasized.

"The former Soviet Union's space is for us space of our strategic interests. We have a stake in a 'belt of goodneighbourliness' on our borders", the source said.

As he said, Washington is also aware of this.

According to the source, Igor Ivanov and Colin Powell have held a total of about 35 meetings since the beginning of the work of the current US administration.

The US Secretary of State plans to meet on Monday also with Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov and new chairman of the State Duma (the parliament's lower chamber) Boris Gryzlov.

As deputy head of the president's administration Sergei Prikhodko told RIA Novosti, president of Russia Vladimir Putin is expected to receive Powell. The US State Secretary's Moscow visit will last till January 27.

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