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Under the Chernobyl sarcophagus the radiation is more than 2 million curie

1,800 million people are still occupying the territories that were contaminated with radiation 16 years ago as a result of the explosion of the Chernobyl atomic power station. 52000 people were resettled. The press service of the Emergencies Ministry told about this. In April 1996 19 federation members were contaminated where 3 million people lived. 2.9 million Ga of the farm land were contaminated. After the catastrophe partial replacement of plants and animals was taken place. The forest use was limited. All the people who took part in the elimination of the consequences (about 200000 people)and those who lived in the contaminated areas were granted benefits. In 2000 the legislation was amended to improve the process of benefit granting and it enhanced the material condition of 80 percent of disabled people who suffered from the Chernobyl consequences. The Ministry reported that 27 percent of the people who liquidated the consequences are disabled now. The Ministry stressed that the state views it as a priority to develop the medical treatment of the people on the suffered territories. On April, 26, 1986 the fourth energy block of the Chernobyl atomic power station saw the catastrophe that the history of the atomic energy had never known. The active zone of the reactor was destroyed. For ten days radioactive elements were discharged. The process was stopped when the sarcophagus was set up in November, 1986. The total radiation of the under substances is more than 2 million curie. The catastrophe contaminated 150 000 of the territories of the former USSR where 7 million people lived.

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