Source Pravda.Ru

Euro increasing against ruble

The Central Bank has set the official euro exchange rate for May 27 at 35.10 RUR/EUR. As such, the euro exchange rate has advanced by 0.20 rubles against the previous day and by 0.46 rubles, or by 1.3 percent, over the last two days in total. The euro exceeded the level of 35 RUR/USD on May 7 last time. At present, it has gained back everything it lost against the ruble and it is strengthening considerably.

The present situation on the domestic market is attributed to the euro's considerable strengthening against the dollar on international exchanges. The euro costs $1.21 this afternoon, whereas it cost less than $1.20 two days ago. According to commercial bank dealers, the dollar may decrease against the euro till the end of June, when the US Federal Reserve System is expected to make a decision to increase the banking interest rate.

In response to the unlawful December 1 arrest and detention of Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver at the behest of the Trump regime, facing possible unacceptable extradition to the US, Beijing warned its high-tech personnel last month against traveling to America unless it's essential.

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