Source Pravda.Ru

Kola Boof, some lady

Sudanese feminist author Kola Boof declares that she will not give in to death threats and will continue to speak out against slavery in Sudan, a condition denied by the Islamic government in Khartoum.

The resolute and courageous feminist writer, who is living in the United States, stated recently that I realise that the government of Sudan denies that slavery exists in Sudan and contends that I am making up lies, along with the Black Africans of the South, on behalf of the United States’ government”.

She added that “I realize that the Northern Sudanese, the powerful Arabic ruling class of Sudan, has disowned me and cursed the Egyptian father from whose semen I am made. Sorry to be so 'western' in my description."

Her direct challenging of the social situation in Sudan has brought her into conflict with Moslem groups both in north Africa and within the USA, which have issued death threats against her.

Described as “a sexy feminist literary babe slash African warrior girl slash historian” by a US journalist, Kola Boof has declared that she will not end her fight for social justice in her country, after having seen her parents murdered before her eyes. She speaks out against the black Christian Africans who were “rounded up, kidnapped, beaten, raped and routinely chained and put on trucks, never to be seen again”.

She claims this habitual mistreatment is the fruit of centuries of animosity between divided ethnic groups in southern and northern Sudan. She attacks Islam as “a terrible, terrible religion”, denouncing what she claims as common practice: “Moslem men roll up their wives in dowry carpets and set them on fire, burning them alive, just because they only bore daughters and no sons”.

She is equally scathing about Christianity, “the white man’s version of which is so dominant in my new home (the USA)”, claiming that until the women of the world form their own religion, “the world shall not be healed”. She declares that “We need to abolish the man-made religions of Islam, Christianity, Judaism”, claims which would bring her into conflict with the vested interests anywhere in the globe.

Kola Boof appears bare-breasted on the back of her books, to pay tribute to the circle of life and to respect her African origin and traditional African religions, against what she calls the “white Caucasoids”, the Islamic Africans, who “can fool the black Americans” but not her. “I WILL NOT shut up!” is the gauntlet she defiantly throws down to the traditional male dominated society in the Sudan.