Source Pravda.Ru

Zimbabwe – opposition in turmoil

The murder within Zimbabwe Opposition Party Movement for Democratic Change does nothing to help this movement gain credibility in the face of rampant corruption, criminal mismanagement and Fascist despotism by the dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai condemned the incident, in which MDC spokesperson Learnmore Jongwe stabbed his wife Rutendo to death, declaring that he and his party “unreservedly condemn all acts of violence, whether domestic or public”. He added: "On behalf of the party, I want to express deep sorrow and sadness at the loss of Rutendo, the wife of the party's spokesman, Mr Learnmore Jongwe. We wish to let the families of Rutendo and Jongwe know that we share their pain and that they will be in our minds throughout their moment of bereavement."

Mr. Learnmore Jongwe’s defence claims that he is a victim of “extreme provocation” since he had come home to find his wife in the middle of a sexual act with another man.