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Militants of Al-Qaida trained in Alabama

Ground Zero USA military camp situated not far from Maryland, state Alabama could have been a training area of terrorists

There is an impression that militants of Al-Qaida and other terrorists radical organizations felt till recently very comfortable on the US soil. At least, a story is still in memory about US immigration services which only after 6 months after the September 11 terrorist attack gave an entry visa to the terrorists who captured planes September 11. And now, one more sensation.

ABC company journalists carried out an investigation and found out that Ground Zero USA military camp situated not far from Maryland, state Alabama could have been a training area of terrorists.

The investigation of the camp activity is being carried out now by special services of the US and Great Britain. Actually, that were British services which first learned that the militants are being trained in the US. This became known as some Zain-ul-Albedin was arrested, accused of recruiting militants for Al-Qaida. The recruiting was carried out very simply: there was a site on which the system of training (including that one of the Alabama camp) was described and the address of the recruiters was presented. Why was this site ignored before September 11? At least, there is no information that this site was conspiratorial, this is hardly possible on the Internet…

The ABC journalists visited the camp. What they saw there was shocking. The training was great. As targets, dummies, real buses, and police cars were used. And they did not spare targets which were literally riddled.

However, the special services are not sure of the camp owners knowingly co-operated with terrorists: they did not most likely know with whom they had to do. Though, the owners hardly would have done something if even they had known who were their clients. They seem to have been paid very well.

So far it cannot be said for sure that that were Al-Qaida militants who trained in the camp. Though, now FBI started to check up military camps on US territory. What other surprises could this investigation bring?

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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