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68 forest fires in Yakutia

26.08.2002 | Source:



As of Monday, 68 forest fires are raging on territory of Yakutia, reported the Far Eastern Forest-Protection Air Base. Over the weekend, local forest-protection detachments and emergencies ministry specialists from the Khabarovsk and other regions managed to extinguish three fires.

The city of Yakutsk and neighbouring areas are covered in smoke. Four large fires are located in remote parts of the taiga and cannot be reached because of the lack of technically sound aircraft at firefighters' disposal. Due to the same reason, it was so far impossible to define the borders of two of the largest fires.

Over the past 24 hours, forest fires in Yakutia have covered an aggregate space of 1,819 hectares. In all since April, Yakutia has registered 804 forest fires on its territory.


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