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How Can We Exterminate Terrorism?

When the storm at the theatre where hundreds of hostages were held was over, everybody started thinking of what was to be done to the bodies of the killed terrorists. It is reported that a hot-line phone was active within the three past days, which people used to suggest ideas concerning dead bodies of the terrorists. An idea has come up to mind immediately: as was once done in Israel, it is suggested that dead bodies of Shakhids are to be buried wrapped in pig skins filled up with pig’s manure. This, as some Muslim theologians think will not let the terrorists into the vakhabit paradise.

This action made a really strong impression on religious fanatics in Israel; majority of people gave up the idea of terrorism acts for the fear to be desecrated after death.

However, as is perfectly know, the number of Palestinian kamikazes who organize acts of terrorism against Israel is speedily increasing. This is because of Israel’s aggressive policy in respect of the Palestinian autonomy, no matter what skins are offered for burial of Palestinian terrorists.

The situation in Russia is different. The country is just defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity, the numerous nations which are parts of Russia.

As for pig skins and burial in pig’s manure, Chechen terrorists Maskhadov, Basayev and so on are hardly frightened with the theologians’ intimidations. They are always ready to provide strong arguments to make their subordinates commit acts of terrorism. And they can find any Muslim theologians which will help them inspire kamikaze for terrorism acts.

The problem of terrorism extermination is rooted deeper. The Russian council of muftis supported actions of the Russian authorities taken to settle the hostage situation in Moscow. As it is said in the council’s statement issued on the problem, “actions of the terrorists have nothing to do with the laws of our religion. These people are neither fighters for the belief, not fighters for freedom of their nation. On the contrary, they have caused much damage to their nation. They have got what they deserve; they are sure to be punished by the God for everything they have committed and for the harm they have done.”

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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