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Russia to pass into service 100-ton ballistic missile Sarmat

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Russia to pass into service 100-ton ballistic missile Sarmat. Sarmat ballistic missile

The 100-ton ballistic missile Sarmat will be passed into service for seven regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation. These forces are a separate type of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - the ground component of strategic nuclear forces. 

The missile will be tested in late 2017, RIA Novosti reports. 

Earlier, it was reported that the state-of-the-art hundred-ton heavy intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat would be deployed in the Krasnoyarsk and Orenburg regions of Russia. The missile will replace the ICBM Voevoda (NATO classification - Satan).

Pravda.Ru has recently reported that the new intercontinental ballistic missile would be capable of overcoming almost any missile defense system. Russia's new missile is a response to the American Prompt Global Strike. The latter stipulates for the creation of systems to strike a non-nuclear blow anywhere in the world within hours after making the decision.

According to military experts, the heavy rocket is a unique weapon that has no analogue in the United States. The missile is capable of flying over the North and South Poles. The missile can be outfitted with "maneuvering warheads."

The Sarmat project was developed by a group of defense industry organizations led by the State Rocket Center named after Makeyev.

Test launches are likely to be conducted within the next several years. The design, composition and characteristics of the ICBM Sarmat remain unknown.



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