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Geographic heart of Ukraine discovered

27.08.2002 | Source:



Right before the Day of Ukraine’s independence, scientists managed to settle the dispute concerning the problem of where the geographic center of the country is situated. Scientists say that the northwestern outskirts of the settlement of Dobrovelichkovka in the Kirovograd region is Ukraine’s geographic center. This event was celebrated with the unvealing of a special memorial in the settlement. The memorial is a 20-ton granite monolith extracted from the local quarry. The memorial is to mark the geographic center of Ukraine.

Several neighboring districts and regions claimed the status of Ukraine’s geographic center, and it took a long time for scientists to finally settle the dispute. Currently, the majority of scientists use the method of defining geographic centers that existed in the mid-1950s. This method includes a complete pattern of the territory, its sphericity, and the very notion of a geographic center. In accordance with the method, the settlement of Dobrovelichkovka was declared the geographic center of Ukraine.

The outskirts of the Ukrainian settlement has always been a center of attraction for tourists. Now, since the settlement is declared the geographical center of Ukraine, local authorities plan to invest financing in the construction of a park there.

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