Source Pravda.Ru

Government earmarks more funds on railways reconstruction in Chechnya

The central government will allocate 2 billion roubles (1 US dollar is worth around 30 roubles) on the reconstruction of Chechnya's railways and rolling stock next year. This is 2.5 times as much as in 2003, Gennady Fadeyev, President of Russian Railways Co, told a press conference in Moscow Monday.

The 2001 capital investment in the effort to restore the republic's railways totalled 800 million roubles. In 2002, the government allocated 600 million and in 2003 - 820 million for the purpose, according to Mr Fadeyev.

He recalled that railway traffic had resumed along the Grozny - Moscow route and commuter service was functioning in Chechnya.

Yet, things are not very good as far as transport logistics goes, admitted the former transport minister. Railwaymen are working along with railway troops and are waiting for the time when the troops' involvement in railway transportation will no longer be necessary.

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