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Severe frosts in Ulyanovsk Region

27.12.2002 | Source:



A record low temperature has settled in the Ulyanovsk Region (Middle Volga Region). At night thermometers read -40 degrees Celsius and in the morning -35 degrees.

On Friday, the Ulyanovsk meteorological center reported that such strong December frosts were rare in the region.

Weather forecasters qualify the drop in temperature below 40 degrees as dangerous, that is why the Ulyanovsk meteorological center had to issue a storm warning. All the region's educational institutions have cancelled classes.

Hospitals report that seven men were admitted with frostbitten hands and feet. Two of the men had to stay in hospital.

In view of severe frosts, power-engineering specialists were allowed to burn reserve fuel oil. Nevertheless, most of the Ulyanovsk homes are chilly.


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