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Massive protests in Argentina harass Government

Tens of thousand of angry but peaceful demonstrators filled streets and squares in the first nationwide pot-banging protest Friday night. People demanded the lifting of bank restrictions and the resignation of the nine members of the Supreme Court of Justice, accusing them on corruption and complicity with different governments.

Demonstrations also took place in many provincial towns and cities where national and local demands could be heard. “This robbery must end” sang protesters in Cordoba, the second largest city of the country, while others claimed for work in the hot and muggy Buenos Aires evening.

The national protest was planned for days by loosely knit groups of city residents with the help of Internet and word of mouth. People’s dislike becomes significant in view of the current country’s scenario, where an almost five-year recession, an unemployment at nearly 20% of labour force and the dramatic situation of 14 million people living in poverty created a “time bomb” very difficult to deactivate.

Hernan Etchaleco Argentina

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