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Communists complain of bad nourishment

Russia is a very optimistic country. At least the number of those, who are not happy about their lives is decreasing with every day. This is not fiction, this is what the opinion polls say.

The subject of food is actual for everyone. So, as it turns out, 56% of the Russian people are quite happy about the way they eat. Those, who complain of their nourishment are basically communists – 45%, the people with incomplete education – 46% and the residents of big cities – 41%. Well, there is nothing surprising about it. The fans of the Communist Party of Russia are presumably elderly people - the people with the low level of income. Of course, they can not afford a lot, unfortunately. They support the Communist Party, the leaders of which are so unlikely to complain of their food.

Thirty-two percent of the Russian people spend almost all of their income on food and 44% spend a half or a quarter of their budget on that. This is quite a lot in comparison with the highly-developed countries, in which the people spend some 20 or 25 percent of their income on food. And only less than 21% of the Russian respondents can do the same.

So it turns out that the majority of our citizens are happy about their food, but they spend a lot of their money on it, refusing from other things like vacation trips, buying the new clothes or something else and so on. So the true prosperity will come, when the citizens of Russia will be able to buy what they want, not what they can afford to buy.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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