Source Pravda.Ru

Most Russians concerned by escalating violence in Middle East

The majority of Russians (52%) are concerned by the worsening situation in the Middle East, according to a poll carried out by the Public Opinion foundation. However, 20% of those questioned were indifferent to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

36% of Russians believe that both Israelis and Palestinians are to blame for the deteriorating situation, while 9% said that Israelis were to blame and 5% held Palestinians responsible. 50% of those polled refused to make a judgement on the issue.

Respondents were divided over the issue of whether peace can be achieved between the two sides. About 34% said that a lasting peace was possible, 32% disagreed and 33% were unsure.

The majority of those polled (60%) were unable to propose any steps for bringing peace to the region. Nevertheless, 22% suggested that the two sides should 'simply seek a compromise' and 'stop fighting'. About 7% think that Israel should accept all Palestinian demands in order to resolve the conflict. 4% of those polled believe that third party intervention is required to bring peace, while 3% hold the opposite view, suggesting that Israel and Palestine should sought it out between themselves.

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