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Macedonia: Ana Owns Up As Rebels Attack Police Precinct

The Albanian National Army owned up a violent act as ethnic Albanian rebels were shooting at a police station to hit an officer in Tjarce village near Tetovo, Macedonia, in the small hours today, says Tanjug news agency with reference to reliable informants in Skopje. Shots broke the curfew quiet to be heard in other parts of the town, which stays in control of the rebel National Liberation Army even after it was disarmed and officially disbanded. The obscure Albanian National Army, which owned up several previous terror acts in Macedonia, does not recognise a recently signed armistice and a peace agreement signed by spokesmen of Macedonian-based political parties and the international community. The organisation has for its ultimate goal the liberation of all parts of the Balkans with ethnic Albanian presence to unite them in a state, say Skopje-based information sources.

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